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Explore our streetwear brand's philosophy, rooted in innovation and sustainability. Hear our founder's inspiring story and discover our core values, vision, and mission. Join us as we revolutionize the fashion industry with our custom-made, trendsetting designs.

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Streetwear manufacturing


Spread Street Culture !

We live in a dynamic and diverse world that allows for the existence of many different norms and values. No matter where people come from or where they belong, they should be free to choose their way of life and to express their true identity to the outside world.

RAINBOWTOUHCES offers endless possibilities for this through the concept of street fashion, making people’s self-expression and journey through life vibrant and iridescent.

We work for brands rooted in the spirit of vibrant street culture, realizing their uniqueness, creativity and inclusivity. We strive to curate fashion that not only reflects the pulse of urban life but also empowers individuals to freely express themselves through clothing.


In 2013owner SINA and JACK began their career as a fashion consultant catering to a small clientele of men and women who loved clothing as much as their did.

RAINBOWTOUCHESwas found in the goal of bringing fashion into the world. With over 15 years experience in garments manufacturing, we ventured into exportation in 2013. presently we have become the top 10 enterprise in streetwear factory station after 10 years process of pilgrimage.

RAINBOWTOUCHES began with 3 people in a few dozen square meters room, As time went on the passion grew to the establishment of a fashion enterprise with the name of “ RAINBOWTOUCHES”. we regard “Customer comes first, quality as our culture” as our operating principle. Always we have much regard for every customer and produce and design exquisite products as our basic tenet and core purpose. Our company adheres to a belief: To get the fashion trend through company brand.


Our brand was name after “ RAINBOWTOUCHES”. This is because our leader’s Chinese name is “ Rainbow”, so she wishes that everybody could touch the Rainbow some day. Our brand was created to link clients all over the world and connecting them to fashion.

Streetwear manufacturing
Streetwear manufacturing


Brand Concept | Shine In The Dark !

In 2023, we launched a new brand “TOUCHES DARK”, committed to becoming the leading professional tide vintage T-shirt custom king in China.

The brand concept is "Shine In The Dark", which means "Don't let any difculties or obstacles stop your footsteps. Let us become the brightest star in the night sky
together, shining our own light!" We hope this philosophy can inspire each of our customers and provide sustained motivation and support for us. We believe that by
constantly explor ing, pursuing innovation, and persevering, we can become the best streetwear custom factory in China, providing the best products and services for
our brand owners, wholesalers, importers, fashion designers, artists, musicians, and streetwear enthusiasts.

As a visionary and entrepreneur who loves streetwear, I look forward to more brands like this growing and developing with Touches Dark in the future, and we will continue promote innovation and change in the streetwear industry, and bring more surprises and satisfaction to every customer through our designs and services.

We live in a world that is dynamic and

diversified, which allows so many different

norms and values. No matter where people

come from or belong to, they all deserve the

freedom to choose their way of living and

express who they really are to the outside

world. RAINBOWTOUHCES provides unlimited

possibilities for that through its ideas of street fashion, to make people’s journey of self expression and life

with vibrant and RAINBOW”


Shaping the Future | Empowering Streetwear Fashion, Innovating Together for Global Impact

At the core of our brand lies innovation and personality, fostering a dynamic culture that grows hand in hand with our team and loyal customers. With a forward-looking vision, we aspire to empower 50 overseas small and medium-sized B buyers to join our ranks as RAINBOWTOUCHES and TOUCH DARK overseas agents by 2024. Our mission is to let fashionable T-shirts become a canvas for individuality, celebrating originality and uniqueness in every stitch and design.