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The dragon in China is an auspicious beast, known as auspiciousness, symbolizing good luck, and auspiciousness is a sign of good luck and the meaning of luck.

Design inspiration: The Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional festival in China. 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, and the dragon is the totem of China, so the Year of the Dragon attracts special attention.

The dragon in China is an auspicious beast, known as auspiciousness, symbolizing good luck, and auspiciousness is a sign of good luck and the meaning of luck. Therefore, in China, the colors of dragons are usually bright red and gold. Big red represents happiness and beauty, while gold represents wealth, luck and nobility. As the 24th Spring Festival approaches, many brands have launched Year of the Dragon series products and showcases to let us know more about Chinese dragon designs.

Streetwear manufacturing


Classic retro style can be interpreted in the way of street style.

Design inspiration: The traces of the wind - the places where the wind blows.

Why Is Vintage Fashion So Popular? Because it has the charm of "nostalgia". Whether it is the retro-college style, the retro-sports style, or all the other retro sub-styles, the key is that they are all remembering or paying tribute to the past. "When a thing has a sense of history, it has its value", which is what history tells us. Here is the brand RAINBOW TOUCHES, so of course we pay more attention to whether the street style can be combined with the "retro nostalgia" style.

Streetwear manufacturing

Our Design Philosophy

Nowadays Streetwear has become a global trend, and with 16 years of development in Streetwear we still haven't changed our original intention, sustainability has always been one of our design concepts.

How Has Our Taste in Clothes Changed in Recent Years?

This chart shows the volume of mentions per fashion styleand the percentage change from the previous year Datagathered from public posts on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram Facebook, and review sites from January 2019-december 2020

Rainbow Touches: The value of ready-made styles and customized designs

1)   The value that ready-made designs can bring to customers is: Rainbow Touches has a market research department that can conduct market research in the Americas, Europe, and Oceania (mainly Australia and New Zealand), including social media accounts, customer feedback, etc., and designs many different streetwear, these are selected market hot styles, customers can enrich their product lines faster by choosing our existing designs. A variety of selected hot- selling products are available for you to choose from, and a complete product map can be provided to save the cost and energy of your business.

2)   The value of customized design to customers is: a super team of designers means that we have strong sample development capabilities and can provide one-stop solutions. At present, our company has 5 pattern makers with more than 25 years of experience in streetwear research and development, 15 employees in charge of proofing, 2 follow-up coordinators, and 3 buyers. They have over 6-10 years of design and development experience in the streetwear industry.

In 2023, we has developed the dark tide brand TOUCHES DARK

Seeking Overseas Streetwear Designers for Collaboration

We are a streetwear customization factory in China, specializing in foreign trade exports. In order to expand our product line and market share, we are currently seeking overseas streetwear designers for collaboration.We are looking for independent designers who possess innovative thinking and a keen eye for fashion, with a deep understanding of streetwear culture and familiarity with local market demands and trends. We hope to work with you to create original designs that meet market demands, and to develop new trends and popular elements.

Collaboration Model:

  • We offer production and export services for t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, etc.
  • You provide design inspiration and design patterns, and work with us to develop new products.
  • We will agree on design fees and product prices and pay them as agreed upon.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please send us your resume and design works, and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Collaboration Model:


Phone: +86-13423110605

Address: Floor 2, No. 6, Jiaoyu 2nd Road, Chigang, Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

As We Sign a Confidentiality Agreement to Our Customers and Our Designers, We Can Not Publish Designers Named Here.

But each season, we release a lots design subjects, such as: Halloween season, or Christmas season....

See Our Original Design As Following

Men Streetwear

Lady Streetwear

Craft Recommendation--Digital Direct Injection

Craft Recommendation--Heat Transfer

We Can Offer Below Fabric Test Report to You.

Seeking Solution Design
Strearwear is not just clothes, it reflects a culture of individuality. Warm welcome purchasing manager, individual clothing brand owners & designers, and wholesaler, ects. Email us your specific inquiries.
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