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What is the Cost of Clothing?

When making a budget for ordering clothing, it is important to understand the needs and application scenarios of clothing in different occasions, and decide on solutions for different clothing according to different needs and application scenarios. Basic scope: fabric cost (depending on common fabrics, special fabrics or environmentally friendly fabrics) + process cost (depending on design, procurement or some special process costs in manufacturing) + design and development cost (we can develop products according to your design needs , original designs are also available for your choice). We will give you an accurate quotation according to your needs.

We will give you an accurate quotation according to your needs.

Don't Compare Cheap Clothing Costs on Websites

To calculate a clothing quote, you need to consider several variables:

  • Style of Clothing
  • Clothing Usage Scenarios
  • Thickness and Weight of Clothing Fabrics, Clothing Size
  • The Craft of Clothing
  • Is There Any Relevant Certification? Ensure That Raw Materials Are Free of Allergens
  • Is There Technical, Design Team Support?

The fabrics listed on the website are relatively popular, but if you need customized products or packaging, the OEM cost may skyrocket, or, after receiving the product, you find a problem and must replace it at your own expense, because the seller has no after-sales commitment. Or after you purchase, because the OEM's design solution has not been resolved, the delivery fee has been delayed and delayed, because the seller has no commitment to delivery. So this is an informal business transaction. He is not long term. If you want to choose long-term investment, you must consider early and choose formal and long-term business purchases. If you want to compare the cost of similar clothing, you need a full quote, taking all requirements into account, to see who really offers the best value.

Why Not Show the Average Price of Clothing on Your Website?

The second most popular question we get asked is, why not show prices on your website? The reason for this is because most of our garments are custom-made to precisely meet your specific requirements. We have over 10,000 different SKUs to choose from to produce the perfect garment you want. As you can imagine, trying to add a price list that covers all of these options is difficult because we don't average.

Beware of Sellers Who Give Reserve Prices Before Seeing Your Detailed Needs

Quotations for clothing should be based on customer needs and specific applications. Different scenes and different materials have different prices. Be sure to choose a solution that is right for you Just like a decorator, plumber or builder needs to look at your property before they can price you, a reputable clothing company needs to understand your needs, provide a beautiful design, and then To give an accurate cost of clothing.

Whether It's Buying Other Products, or Buying Clothing, What is Your Time Cost?

The price of clothing is one aspect, and the life cycle and related certifications of such clothing must also be considered. It is very important to be able to provide a complete solution or service plan.

And whether to provide you with an accurate SOP process from proofing to shipping in operation, saving your labor and communication costs.

What Other Costs Should You Consider when Buying Clothing?

Clothing accessories are something you cannot ignore. More than 95% of OEM or ODM buyers need the main label, and the washing ingredients are used to promote your brand or tell consumers about washing instructions to prevent product after-sales problems. At the same time, when Chinese goods are exported overseas, the buyer's local customs can use different customs codes to facilitate smooth customs clearance.

If you are an emerging brand or a mature clothing brand, you may need us to provide main label, wash water label, and tag design services.

  • Buying the main mark, the cost of washing the water mark can be USD120-USD150/1000SETS
  • The cost of buying a hang tag can be USD150-USD300/1000PIECES

At the same time, most clothing products are seasonal products, so buyers have very strong requirements for time. In addition to our guarantee commitment to delivery.

Another piece of cost comes from choosing a logistics bidding system that is cost-effective and advantageous. We will speed up the design according to your needs, and provide different transportation costs by air, express and sea according to your arrival time requirements.

What is Your Best-selling Product Right Now? Which Areas Are Mainly Used In? How Much?

With the increasing demand for trendy clothing in the global market, some large luxury goods have also developed their own exclusive trendy style products. We have developed trendy products for HIP POP music, art, skateboarding, dance, and other sports scenes based on the daily street casual style. For more information please contact us or click the link

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