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Streetwear Clothing Custom Service

Crafting Custom Streetwear Clothing: A Design Guide by Rainbow Touches

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The following are the clothing techniques commonly used by Rainbow Touches, so that you can better understand our products and services.

We can also customize and combine them according to your needs to achieve the best results. Welcome to contact us, you can send your design pictures or techpack as an attachment, or leave your contact information, we will communicate by email.

Iron-on printing

Iron-on printing can create complex patterns and vivid colors with high durability. It can be applied to various fabrics and garments such as T-shirts, hoodies, and hats. However, heat transfer printing also has its disadvantages. One of which is that for some special fabrics, such as stretch fabrics, the heat or pressure may result in poor printing effects. In addition, the heat transfer pattern may peel off or deform due to factors such as cleaning or friction. Therefore, it is important to choose suitable fabrics and appropriate heat transfer techniques.

Direct injection

Direct injection is similar to a color printer that directly prints pictures on clothes. It has good ductility and durability, has a good hand feel, does not feel papery, can be dissolved in fabrics, has good air permeability, and is relatively expensive.

Screen Printing

Screen printing, through the extrusion of the squeegee during printing, the ink is transferred to the clothes through the mesh of the pattern part, forming the same feeling as the pattern, with low price, bright colors, shelf life and strong air permeability.

Hot transfer

Hot transfer is to use special ink to print on the sublimation paper. The heat transfer machine is heated at a certain temperature for a certain period of time. The ink on the paper is sublimated to the transfer object because of the high temperature. Because only the ink is transferred to the object, it does not touch the object. Too obvious feeling, sublimation can transfer less cotton and chemical fiber fabrics. It has the characteristics of low cost, good air permeability, vivid image and no fading.

Colorful reflective printing

Colorful reflective printing needs to add hot stone tape to compose the picture, and the forward rotation method is used for hot printing. When it passes through strong light, it will refract the brilliant color effect, which is deeply loved by the trendy brands,the printed images are very realistic, washable and wear-resistant.

Foil Gold Print

Foil gold printing is to add a special chemical preparation agent to the printed water slurry, so that the printing position is golden, and the golden color is long-lasting. It can be printed on many fabrics without unpleasant smell and no ink residue. It is recommended to lighten wash.

Towel embroidery or Applique patches

Applique patches, also known as Zhangzi embroidery, is used for laser contouring of special patch fabrics, bottom embroidery, embroidery machines for embroidery of various types of names, suitable for clothing decoration, and placed in the desired expression through sewing technology. The parts express the fragments of inspiration in art, the craftsmanship is exquisite, the layering is high, and the price is relatively moderate.


Direct injection is similar to a color printer that directly prints pictures on clothes. It has good ductility and durability, has a good hand feel, does not feel papery, can be dissolved in fabrics, has good air permeability, and is relatively expensive.


Flocking is the process of depositing many small fiber particles onto the surface of fabrics. In flocking, fibers or a layer are deposited over a base layer with the help of adhesive. Flocking in fabrics is possible all over the surface or in a localized area as well. Flocking as a decorative art dates back to the 14th century when short silk fibers were deposited on freshly painted walls. The flocking craft has soft hand feel and good warmth retention. However, it is easy to fall off when the washing frequency increases, and there will be sticky hair phenomenon.

Puff Print

Puff print is that after the resin coating color paste containing foaming agent is printed on the fabric, the printed pattern will bubble up after the high temperature gas steaming, showing a relief effect. It has the characteristics of good fastness, can feel the obvious concave and convex three-dimensional effect, has poor air permeability and high price.


Embossing is generally formed by pressing the model, showing a strong three-dimensional expression, and is deeply favored by trendy clothing. It is mainly used for LOGO and simple patterns. It has a very strong sense of bump and high price.

Tie Dye

Tie-dyeing, there are many kinds of changing techniques, adding new design elements, usually cotton or hemp-cotton blended fabrics are used for tie-dyeing, bundling, etc., and tie-dyeing raw materials are added for tie-dyeing. The dyeing effect has a natural and unique texture change, which is rich, eye-catching, natural color and high price.

Acid Wash

Acid wash is a process of processing special fabrics through special potions. It must be washed in garments, so that the edges and corners can be washed and aged. Favored by trendy brands, it has high popularity, good texture and moderate price.

Silicone printing

Silica gel is a special liquid silica gel that is printed by screen printing technology and can be firmly adhered to the surface of the fabric. It has rich layers, soft hand feel, washable and wear-resistant, not easy to fade, and the price is relatively high.

Slurry Coating

Pull paste or pull pulp, also known as slurry coating, has high energy and strongperformance, showing a slurry effect similar to stone and lava, with a strongtexture effect and a higher price.

Does your supplier solve these pain points for you?

Will the colors of the prints fade or bleed?
The printing inks and pigments we use are eco-friendly and have undergone strict testing and quality inspection to ensure that they will not fade or bleed. However, the color and quality of the prints may be affected by different materials of clothing and washing methods. We recommend using mild detergents and washing with cold water.
How do you ensure the quality of embroidery?
Our embroidery is done using professional machines and high-quality threads, operated and calibrated by experienced technicians to ensure precision and quality. We also conduct strict quality inspections on finished products to ensure that the embroidery meets the customer's requirements.
Do you do professional acid wash, does it crack?
Rainbow Touches is well experienced in acid wash products. We use reactive fabric to produce acid wash items. Good colors, fast production and quick delivery. If your supplier use sulphur dye fabric, you can encounter troubles like impure colors and more defective products and it’s fatal to the brand.
If you still have some unresolved questions, you can go to theFAQpage

Clothing technology is an important production process that can affect the quality, appearance, and durability of garments.

By adopting different techniques, a variety of clothing products can be produced to meet the needs and tastes of different customers. For custom-made clothing, choosing the right technology and techniques is the key to ensuring quality. At the same time, we also need to consider the characteristics of different fabrics and garments, and choose appropriate techniques and methods to ensure the quality and stability of the products. We will continue to research and improve our technology to provide better services and products, creating more value for our customers.