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Here, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about our factory's customization process, payment methods, sample services, and after-sales guarantees, etc. Whether it is private label streetwear customization or OEM service, we can flexibly meet your needs and customize unique streetwear according to your needs and creativity. We offer international shipping to ensure you receive your custom garments anywhere in the world. We pay attention to quality, if you have any problem with the custom clothing you received, we will try our best to solve it and provide a satisfactory solution. You can get in touch with us by mail, phone or the contact form on the official website. Thank you for choosing us as your supplier of streetwear customization, we look forward to providing you with an excellent customization experience!
  • Q1. Are you a streetwear clothing customization factory?
    Yes, we are a professional streetwear clothing customization factory. With over 15 years of industry experience, we are dedicated to providing high-quality streetwear clothing customization services to our customers.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q2. Can you customize clothing according to my design requirements?
    Yes, we welcome customers to provide their own design requirements. You can send us a tech pack, and our professional design team will collaborate with you to ensure that your creative design is transformed into reality.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q3. Do I need to provide original design files to customize clothing?
    Not necessarily. If you have original design files such as drawings or vector graphics, it would be very helpful. However, if you only have sketches or a simple description, our design team can also communicate with you to ensure a clear understanding of your needs.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q4. What is the minimum order quantity for custom clothing?
    We provide flexible customization solutions to meet different needs. Our minimum order quantity is 200 pieces per color per style. This minimum order quantity is set to help brands and customers achieve economies of scale in production.
    In addition to traditional large-scale customization, we have also introduced flexible customization services to adapt to the diversity of market demands. Through flexible customization, you can customize with a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces per color per style, with the addition of your logo or personalized branding.
    We understand that each brand and customer has unique requirements, so we are committed to providing flexible solutions to ensure that you can customize the desired quantity of clothing based on your actual needs. Our sales team will work with you to understand your specific requirements and provide the best advice and support.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q5. What is the production lead time for custom clothing?
    The production lead time for custom clothing depends on the scale and complexity of the order. Typically, the production lead time for custom t-shirts is generally 15-25 working days, hoodies is about 25-30 working days, and jackets is about 30-40 working days. After confirming the order, we will communicate with you in detail and provide an accurate delivery time.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q6. Can you provide samples?
    Yes, we can provide samples. You can directly contact us through our official website, and we will assign a dedicated sales representative to guide you on how to obtain samples, as well as the related sample fees and shipping methods.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q7. How long will it take to receive the customized clothing samples?
    Answer: The sample lead time typically depends on the complexity and quantity of the order. Generally, it takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks for sample production and delivery. Please note that this is only an estimated time, and the specific sample lead time may vary due to order volume and seasonal demand.
    Jun 8,2023
  • Q8. What is the cost of customized clothing samples?
    The cost of customized clothing samples includes sample making fees and shipping expenses. The sample making fees are determined by the clothing style, material selection, and the complexity of customization requirements. The shipping expenses are based on the weight of the samples and the destination. You can refer to our Sample Policy on our official website for detailed information about sample fees. Please contact our sales team, provide your specific requirements, and we will provide you with the exact sample costs.

    Nov 9,2023
  • Q9. How is the price of custom clothing calculated?
    The price of custom clothing depends on multiple factors, including garment style, material selection, quantity, and the complexity of customization requirements. Please contact our sales team and provide your specific requirements, and we will provide you with a detailed quotation.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q10. What payment methods do you accept? (Continued)
    We accept various payment methods, including bank transfer, Western Union, and credit card payment. We will negotiate with you to determine the most convenient and secure payment method.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q11. How is your packing?
    Inter packing: 1piece/one polybag                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
    Outer packing: Carton
    We can also provide packaging and private label services based on your requirements to create your unique brand image.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q12. Can you provide international shipping?
    Yes, we can provide international shipping services. Wherever you are in the world, we can safely deliver custom clothing to you. The shipping cost will depend on the destination and the weight/volume of the order.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q13. If I am not satisfied with the received custom clothing, can I return or exchange it?
    We are committed to providing high-quality custom clothing that meets customer requirements. If you are not satisfied with the received custom clothing, please contact us immediately and provide relevant photos and a detailed description. We will assess the situation and provide appropriate solutions, including refunds or re-production.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q14. Do you have any quality guarantees?
    Yes, we take responsibility for the quality of the custom clothing we produce and accept third-party inspections. If you discover any quality issues after receiving the custom clothing, please contact us promptly. We will investigate and provide appropriate solutions based on the specific situation.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q15. Can you provide large bulk ordering services for our team or brand?
    Yes, we can provide large bulk ordering services for teams or brands. Our production capacity can meet the demands of large-scale orders and ensure timely delivery. Please contact our sales team for more information and special offers.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q16. How can we contact you to get more information or submit a custom clothing order?
    You can reach us through the following channels:
    Send an email to [sina@rainbowtouches.com] with your questions or requirements stated in the email subject.
    Fill out the contact form on our official website, providing your detailed information and requirements.
    Our sales team will get in touch with you as soon as possible and provide you with the necessary information and support.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q17. How is structured your logistic and warehouse (you work also in drop shipping?)
    We don’t support retail sales, we choose DHL, FEDEX, UPS, DHL four special lines for express delivery. We can also choose the freight forwarder or air freight method designated by the customer, and we will also quote the logistics cost to the customer for choice. In the case of a large quantity of goods, in order to save customers' logistics costs, we choose to ship by sea. Not only that, we also support customers to quickly customize samples and send them to the address specified by customers. If you want to do DROP SHIPPING, you need to use RAINBOW's original design stock for drop shipping. If it is the customer's original design, it can be mass-produced and put into our warehouse. We support sending one piece to customers.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q18. If I want a different product from the ones you haven't in the catalogs is it possible? With cu
    Yes, it is possible. Light customization and full customization are our advantageous services. As a manufacturer who understands Streetwear culture, we have such advantages. At the same time, we also have design capabilities and accessories supply chain.
    Nov 9,2023
  • Q19. If I want a different product that you have, are you able to create it?
    Yes, looking at pictures to make patterns is the technical core of RAINBOWTOUCHES, because we have 5 pattern makers who have more than 25 years of experience in the clothing industry.
    Nov 9,2023